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anonymous51 - Erectus - 147 Punti
Find the phrasal verbs in the following sentences and then write some sentences of your own using the phrasal verbs.

1 ) Friends shouldn't let each other down. They must be loyal.
2 ) I love my girlfriend's hair when it is tied up, so when she is angry with me, she lets it down.
3 ) Unfortunately, cars often run down people.
4 ) We usually set off for school at a quarter to eight.
5 ) Winter sets in quite early in nothern countries.
6 ) Come on, John. Hurry up ! It's late. We must be in the office in ten minutes !
7 ) Look up these words in the dictionary, and find out what they mean.
8 ) I must help my friend learn some French, but I never get round to doing it.

Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9414 Punti
Perchè non provi a cercare i phrasal verbs e a elencarli? Per fare le frasi poi ti diamo una mano noi ;)
Per esempio:
1) Phrasal verb: Let down. Frase: If you love me, you will not let me down.
2) Phrasal verbs: tied up, angry with, let down. Frasi: She always ties her hair up when she is in the swimming pool. - If you are angry with me, just tell me!
E così via. Prova a individuare gli altri verbi; a questo link trovi una lista completa che ti può essere utile: https://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/phrasal-verbs-list.htm
anonymous51 - Erectus - 147 Punti
3 ) run down
4 ) set off
5 ) set in
6 ) come on
7 ) look up - find out
8 ) get round
Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9414 Punti
Allora, possibili frasi:
3) Bikers often die because they are run down by cars.
4) We have to set off now if we want to arrive before midday.
5)Usually cold weather sets in in October.
6) Come on girls, we have to win this competition!
7)If you look up in your diary, you'll find out the date of the test.
8) I never get round to tidying up my room.
Ti è sfuggito "hurry up" nella frase 6 ;)
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