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DoryFreakOut - Ominide - 29 Punti
Salve a tutti,
ho appena finito di leggere un libro su martin luther king e ora mi ritrovo davanti a un esercizio che proprio non riesco a sviluppare, mi aiutate per favore?
la traccia è la seguente:
find some more information about one of these people, then give a talk to your class or make a poster about them
1) joe louis
2) harriet tubman
3) stevie wonder
4) paul robeson
5) codoleezza rice

here are some websites that can help you:

ora io ho provato a cercare in questi siti ma non ho trovato niente nemmeno su uno di loro, ho provato in altri ma non so cosa scrivere.
Per favore aiutatemi, la scuola inizia lunedì e non so che faree :cry :cry
Nicky83 - VIP - 5230 Punti
Ciao, ho trovato qualche altro sito che lega questi personaggi a M. L. King. Spero possano esserti d'aiuto :) :hi

Joe Luois

"Louis, as with Mohammed Ali in later years, was more than just a boxer to his people. He was a symbol of pride, strength and dignity in the face of the oppression they suffered in the land of the free".

Harriet Tubman

Stevie Wonder
"Stevie Wonder did not forget. In 1980, Stevie joined with the members of the Black Caucus in the US congress to speak out for the need to honour the day King was born, to make his birthday a national holiday."

Paul Robeson

Codoleezza Rice
"Rice was the first black woman to serve as secretary of Stat"; "back in Rice’s childhood, when the middle-class black neighborhood of Titusville was under constant assault by the terrorist bombers of the Ku Klux Klan, her father refused to join King’s nonviolent activism. He believed in meeting violence with violence."; "Rices were determined to build for their only child a world of limitless possibility"; "a passionate commitment to racial justice" ecc.
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