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  • Fare un'intervista ad un personaggio famoso o inventato con il present perfect!! Aiuto!!

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Salve a tutti! Il mio prof di inglese ha assegnato un compito in cui bisogna fare un intervista ad un personaggio reale o inventato, con domande a nostra scelta usando il present perfect.
Vi prego aiutatemi, ho cercato di farlo da sola ma non ci riesco.
Grazie in anticipo.

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Good morning and welcome to the T. B Show, today we have Natalie Portman as our guest and we are going to ask her some of the questions her fans normally debate on while reading her posts on social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Interviewer: The first question is - Natalie have you ever thought of becoming a successful actress during your childhood?

Natalie Portman: Not really! I have always practised acting in various theatres in our city but I never thought I would become a famous actress one day.

Interviewer: knowing your job takes you to far places, have you ever travelled to Europe or have you visited Asian countries before?

Natalie Portman: yes, I have travelled to France, Italy, Germany, Spain and I love these countries because basically there are no social or language barriers, you get assisted easily and working there was just fun.

Interviewer: what sports have you practised or still do to keep fit?

Natalie Portman: I'm not very good when it comes to sport but I usually go to the gym at least twice a week, eat a lot of vegetables and drink much water.

Interviewer: what's the craziest thing you have ever done?

Natalie Portman: I think it was the high jump with a long rope tied to my waist, it was my birthday and I decided to celebrate it in China last year.

Interviewer: Have you ever screamed at someone in public apart from the movie scene?

Natalie Portman: yes, I actually did that on a certain occasion when I was nervous and upset.

Interviewer: Thank you Natalie for your time and we hope to see you next time on our channel.

Il present perfect dei verbi regolari e irregolari si forma così:
ausiliare have/has + participio passato del verbo principale.
Es: They have stopped making noise
We haven't eaten since last night.


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