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  • esercizio sul simple present x favore entro oggi

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bambolyna95 - Sapiens - 317 Punti
i am
you are
he is
she is
it is
we are
you are
they are

per ognuno di questi 2 frasi ma semplici non troppo lunghe. grazie mille :)
anny=) - Moderatore - 30840 Punti
-I am not a wonderful girl.
I am at home today.

-You are always happy.
You're in the kitchen.

-Is he your best friend?
He is very tall.

-She is a brillant cook!
She is really beautiful

-It is important to have good frineds
It's a large room.

-We are in London this week.
-In this moment we are at home.

- You are very intelligent.
you are a great persons!

-They are cousins.
They are sorry about the argument.

Bye :hi
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