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Dovrei fare 8 mini dialoghi in inglese con domanda e risposta.
La domanda deve essere per es. da quanto tempo studi inglese ?In simple past
La risposta deve essere per es. i studi inglese dal 2005 con la duration form
Mi potreste aiutare era 16 prima ne ho fatti 8 ma non ho molta ideativa grazie in anticipo
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jenny:hi jhon,how are you?!
jhon:i'm fine thanks! what about this summer?
where are you going!?
jenny:i'm going to paris,the love's city!! and you?where are you going?
jhon:i don't know...
jenny:why you don't came with me!!??
jhon:oh,yes, it's a wonderful idea!!

How about going to eat a pizza tomorrow?
I don't know..tomorrow I'll tell you.

when we go on trips?
I don't know children. Soon we'll know.

This evening we will go to the party. Will you come with us?
Yes.We'll see tonight!

A: What are you doing?
B: I'm watching TV with my sister, and you?
A: I'm doing my homework, but they are hard! Can you help me?
B: Yes, of course i can! I'm coming to you.

A: What time will the concert begin?
B: It will begin at 22:00. Who will you go there with?
A: I will go there with my cousin and you?
B: I will go to the concert with Julia!

A:Have you ever been to London?
B: Yes, i have.
A:Have you visited Buckingham Palace?
A: Yes, i have visited it with my family.

A: If you were rich, what would you like to buy?
B: I would buy a new car!
A: What kind of car would you buy?
B: I would buy a grey Audi TT.
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