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1) I have got a kid brother who always hangs out with me and my friends.
2) I hate going shopping with my mum. She takes me to shops where she buys clothes.
3) I wanted an electric guitar for my birthday. But my parents bought me one which isn't very good.
4) My parents don't trust me, they always want to know the places where I am going.
5) I failed an exam which was really important for my future. My parents are angry.
6) My friend is a person who just wants to have fun. How do I tell her I think studying is important?

Richiesta dell'esercizio: Give advice to the teenagers (Dai dei consigli ai ragazzi)

Non ho fantasia, aiutatemi, per favore!


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Prova a offrirci una tua bozza, anche in italiano, e noi poi ti aiutiamo a tradurre :)

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