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anonymous51 - Erectus - 147 Punti
Scrivi il testo contenuto nella seguente traccia.

Ho cominciato a svolgere l'esercizio, anche se in alcune parti sono insicuro. Mi aiutate a finirlo ?

Our Environment and us.
Welcome to the series "Our environment and us". The question we want to answer today is: what is global warming? And to do that for us is Richard Winston, an expert on global warming.
"So Richard, what can you tell us about global warming?"
"Well, we can start from a definition: global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. When the heat from the sun passes through our atmosphere, some of that heat reflects back in the atmosphere again, the rest of that heat keeps earth at the right temperature,which is 6 C°.


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Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9412 Punti
Mi sembra che nella parte che hai già trascritto dica "in the space again" invece che in the atmosphere, e che la temperatura sia 16 °C invece di 6. vado avanti un pezzo:
"I see... and what keeps the temperature constant?
the atmosphere is made from gases that keep this temperature constant.
So what happens to make the temperature of the earth increase?
well, when greenhouse gases like carbondioxide,water vapor, ozone, clorophe, and methane, trap heat and light from the sun in the earth's atmosphere, the temperature of the earth increases, creating a kind of greenhouse.
So gases are owned naturally in the atmosphere?
No, greenhouse gases are natural, but we produce too much of them by polluting our atmosphere. as we burn coal, petrol and other fuels, the situation gets worse, and when we cut down the rain forests to make more space for farming animals, we loose valuable supply of oxygen."
Sono arrivata al minuto due, prosa a proseguire tu! ;)
fedeb950 - Genius - 4479 Punti
"I see... and what keeps the temperature constant?"
"The atmosphere contains many layers of gases that keep this temperature constant."
"So what happens to make the earth's temperature increase?"
"Well,when greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide,water vapor,nitrous Oxide,Ozone,Chlorofluorocarbons and methane drop heat and light from the sun in earth's atmosphere the temperature increases creating a kind of greenhouse."
"So gases aren't natural in the atmosphere."
"No,greenhouse gases are natural but we produce too many of them by polluting our atmosphere as we burn coal,petrol and other fossil fuels the situation gets worse and when we count down the rain forests to make more space for farming animals we lose valuable supplies of oxigen."
"So what are the effects of global warming?"
"Mmmm...We can see the effects of global warming everywhere:natural disasters such as hurricanes like Katrina in new orleans or floods and are much more common,sea levels are also rising"
"How can you explain the rising sea levels?"
"That is very simple to explain,in fact if we heat water it expands and so as oceans get warmer the sea levels rise. Cities and coast hilarious then float. Other places that usually get a lot of rain are now dry and hotter which means that some plants and animals struggle to survive. In short,everything is changing."
"Is then anything we can do?"
"Yes,there is. We can all do something to help: if we recycle our rubbish we save energy;we can also stop using so much energy by turning off lights and other electrical appliances when we're not using them;can we drink tap water instead of buying battled water which is expensive and uses a lot of plastic."
"Why is plastic not good?"
"Plastic is not biodegradable and so it's not return to the earth but destroys the soil by polluting it."
"Ah,I understand... everybody must do their part."
"Right!And after the disaster in Japan we also need to look for using other sources of fuel. As we sore in Japan nuclear pack can be dangerous and using fossil fuels is not sostenible. So I think,as do many experts,that we need to exploit other sources of automotive energy like the wind and sun."
"Yes,that's insensible. Thank you Professor Winston!"

Frequento il Liceo Linguistico. Spero di esserti stata d'aiuto :)
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