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This is Brian James, with Life Changing Experiences, and we have two people here today, to tell us about their experiences. First, we have Beth Malcolm. Beth, what happened to you that changed your life?
B: Well, my father lost his job and so we had to move to England to live with my grandparents and truly got another job.
And how old were you when this happened?
B: I was twelve and that was very traumatic at that age.
Where were you living?
B: We were living in Perth, Australia, then. You say, my father worked for a small company there, I was going to school of course, and I had lots of friends. I was always with them, especially one, my best friend and I was in love with a boy, you know, the way you are in love at twelve!
I understand. So, you had to leave all your friends behind in Perth, and make new ones in England, right?
B: yes, and that wasn’t easy. I became very introvert; I had no friends and just stayed at home, wishing I was back In Perth.
But, didn’t you have friends at your new school?
B: Some, but no really good friends. You know like Shoon, my best friend in Perth. That is, like I couldn’t talk to anyone the way I talked to Shoon.
Right, yes, that must have been very hard on you.
B: yeah. It changed my life and my personality really. I was outgoing and self-confident back in Australia. But then I became shy, introvert and very insecure. I felt horrible! I didn’t know what to do then. But fortunately, I found some better friends, and they helped me a lot.
Thank you very much Beth, for telling us about your life changing experience.

Now, your name is Kevin J. Coops, is that right?
K: That’s right. I’m from a small town near Chicago, but I live in Paris now.
And how did it come that you live in Paris now?
K: Well, that’s because I married a beautiful French girl.
And she changed your life!
K: Correct! My experience is a bit happier than Beth’s. My life changed, because I met and fell in love with Céline. Before meeting her I felt shy and uneasy with girls. It was a new experience, and I was ecstatic!
And how did it happen? Could you tell us about it?
K: Sure! Well, I was studying Italian in Urbino, In Italy.
K: And Céline was in my Italian art class. Neither of us spoke the other one’s language, so we had to communicate in Italian.
Very interesting, I’m sure.
K: Yes, and it was as we say, love at first sight! We spend all the time we could together for about two weeks, then I had to go back to Chicago and she had to go back to Paris.
Oh, there must have been quite hard to leave each other!
K: yeah, it was. I felt very much alone and devastated. But we kept in touch by writing letters, in Italian of course!
But now you speak French, don’t you?
K: Oh, yes I do. I had to learn it when we got married and settled down in Paris.
So you weren’t planning on living in France when you went to Urbino?
K: of course not! I wanted to work in Italy. So, I had to make a very important decision about my life. Either a life with Céline, or the life I had planned before meeting her.
And you chose the life with Céline. So your life really changed!
K: Yes, it did. We got married, bought an apartment in Paris, and started a life together. Now, I feel totally satisfied and happy.
Well, thank you for sharing your experience with us, Kevin. And good luck!

Spero non ci siano grossi errori :hi
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