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Lots of volunteers both young and old helping animal shelters. They do lots of things: not only do they spend time with the animals, but they prepare their food, do the gardening, building and decorating as well. One volunteer for example, Rachel Allswift started out as a cat socializer to catch shelter in North London, but she soon found herself in a different position. In fact, she now does the shelter’s website for them, and likes it a lot! An older man, Michael Eaglesen is a volunteer for animal adoption centre. He says he prefers animals to people and loves doing what is really needed around the centre. He often walks dogs, but his main responsibility is creating publicity for the centre. Michael mostly works from home, and the house he works very is from week to week. He produces posters, contacts vets (?) and pet shops and organizes money-raising events. He even arranged the big concert to help the centre. The real drawback to this jobs both people say is that it is very emotional when the animals leave the centre. They realized that the animal will be very happy because it ? have a home, but the volunteers get attached to them at the shelter, and it’s hard to know that you may never see them again. Most people think of dogs and cats when they think of animal shelters, but there are also lots of other animals too, like rabbits, horses, snakes and pigs, sometimes even monkeys!

Dove ci sono i punti interrogativi non riesco a capire, magari qualcun'altro invece lo sa. Anche per i cognomi dei volontari non sono sicurissima, comunque spero di essere stata d'aiuto :hi
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Nel primo punto interrogativo, dopo vets c'è and pet shops.. Perciò mi pare che la frase sia corretta così come l'ha scritta Eleo.

Al posto del secondo punto interrogativo, invece, ci va will, poiché dice che l'animale (it) sarà felice in quanto avrà (will-have) una casa.
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