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completare il dialogo

a what to you think you will do nexy year, jake?
b i am not sure, but i....have a gap year
a that's a great idea. and what do you think you....on your gap year?
b i....probably go to australia
a what....there?
b i hope i ...get a job in a bar
a and do you think australia for the whole year?
b no, i don't. i ....go to the usa too, but that depends on how much money i earn in australia
a where......go in the usa?
b i think i new york and then california
a sounds great!what...when you get back?
b i don,'t know.i university or i....a job
a wewll,good luck,aniway
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Sono un po' di fretta, ma dovrebbero essere così:

1.I am going to have
2. You will do
3.I will probably go
4.Are you going to do there?
5.I will get
6.You will stay
7.I will go
8.Will you
9.I will
10.Are you going to do
11.I will go - I will get
marigio007 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1071 Punti
grazie mille!!!
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