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Anthrax606 - VIP - 27900 Punti
Del testo che vi allego, potreste aiutarmi a rispondere a queste domande:
1. Where is London located?
2. What are London's best know attractions?
3. Why is Buckingham Palace famous?
4. What are the main parks in London?
5. What is the river that cuts through the city?
giaccablu44 - Ominide - 30 Punti

1) London is located in the south-east of England.
2)The best known attractions are: House of Paliament and Big Ben, Tower Bridge,London Eye and Buckingham Palace.
3) Buckingham Palace is famous because is the residence of the British Monarchs.
4)the main parks in London are St's James park, Hyde park,Kensinton gardens and Regent's Park.
5)the river that cuts through the city is: River Thames.

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