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1 we started Apple in 1979
2the first product was apple I
3 we started to sell the iMac in 1998
4 we sold 800,000 iMacs in the first five months
5 In 2001 ( ipod in 2001)
6 there are four models of ipod:classico nano, shuffle and touch
7 this service offers online music dowloads
8 the ipod is very popular because it has a cool design and is easy to use
es 2
write a short letter
if you use a computer at school or at home
what you use the computer for
if you have a digital music player
if you download music
what type of music download
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When did you start Apple?
We started Apple in 1979

2)What was the first product?
The first product was Apple I

3)When did you start to sell the iMac?
We started to sell the iMac in 1998

4)How many iMacs did you sell in the first five months?
We sold 800.000 iMacs in the first five months.

5)When did you start to sell iPods?
In 2001

6)How many models of iPo exist?
There are four models of iPod: classico, nano, shuffle and touch

7)What this service offers?
This service offers online music downloads

8)Why is the iPod so popular?
The iPod is very popular because it has a cool design and is easy to use.

I have a Mac computer that (I) use at home and at school. When I'm at home I use my computer to pass the time, to download and listen music, to chat with my friends on social networks and, rarely, to study; while when I'm at school I use it to do researches for school, to download notes and other scholastic activities. I've also a digital music player that I use when I go out with my friends or take the bus, or when I do long travels. I download every type of music because I don't have a favourite genre.

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