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1)Write your personal comments about the sentences. ( so o neither)
1 I'm good at Matchs. So am I./I'm not.I am good at History.
2 I like fuit and vegetables.
3I was at home yesterday.
4 Jason is English.
5 I'm not hungry right now.
6 John can play the guitar very well.
7 I don't like selfish people.
8 I've got two brothers and a sister.
9 I think parades are fantastic.

2)Complete the sentences with the appropiate forms of say or tell.
1 Jenny is ...... her husband that she must go to a meeting this afternoon.
2 Did Mr Brown ....... when the programme starts?
3 I can't hear the teacher; what is she ....... ?
4 Who ........ you come earky yesterday ?
5 Last night, Mark .......... that he didn't feel well so I ......... him to go home.
6 To ......... you the truth, I don't really like Sally very much.
7 Jason often .......... he has a headache, but no one believes him.
8 Martha' s son ........... that his computer doesn't work.
3)Report what the people are saying. Use the correct form of say or tell.

1 Mark to Jane:"I want to go the cinema tonight". Mark is telling Jane he wants to go the cinema tonight.
2 Alison :" That's my English book."
3 Sean to his parents:"I'm not going out right now."
4 The teacher to his students:"You can eat your sandwiches now."
5 Max: " I have got a new English friend."
6 Mr Smith to his wife :" We haven't got any milk".
7 Tim: " I want to buy a new car."
8 Marilyn to Susan: " I think your boyfriend is really cute!"

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4)Report what the people said yesterday. Use said,told,or wanted to know.
1 Mark said:" Where's Peter staying in London?"
2 Jessica said to her boyfriend:"I love you so much!"
3 Florence said to Dean:" Why can't you help me whit the washing-up?"
4 Helen said to Mira :" I feel terrible today."
5 Sam said:" I know the answer to the teacher's question."
6 Ashley said to Luke:"Too many sweets are bad for your teeth."
7 Julia said :" Why can't I go to the cinema whit my friends tonight?"
8 Freddy said to his father:" There isn't any petrol in the car."

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Le frasi numero uno degli esercizi 1 e 3 sono degli esempi su come si fanno gli esercizi ....

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quindi l'es uno viene :
2 so do I. I don't like fruit and vegatables . i like ice cream
3 so was I . i wasn't. i was at school yesterday
4 neither Do I . he doesn't english . he is german
5 neither do I. I'm really hunrgy
6 neither do I. he doesn't play very weel the gitar.he play very weel the piano
7 so Do i. I don't like selfis people. i like generous people
8 neither do I. i haven't ttwo brother and 1 sister. i have one brother
9 so do I .
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Nn sono sicuro cmq
2 So do I.
3 I wasn't. I was at school
4 I'm not. I'm Italian
5 Neither am I.
6 So can I
8 I haven't. I've got only a sister
9 So do I

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quelle che ho fatto,quindi non sono giuste ???

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grz mille , ti do miglior risposta ........
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Sono solo formate male. So lo usi per dire anche, neither per dire neanche. Quando tu però nn "fai" le cose che ti dice la frase usi solo la forma negativa nè con so nè con neither.

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