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devo fare x dmn una e-mail in inglese in cui si descrive un nuovo amico chi me la sa fare??
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hello josh,
How are you? i hope everything is alright at Berkely. Do you know that i have a new friend? his name is Steven, i met him 3 weeks ago and he's really intresting and he's good at everything, he's brilliant at the keyboard and he can skateboard really well. He can dance too! He's got a great sense of humor, and he's really friendly.Last Saturday we went to the cinema to see the new "Transformers" and we really had a great fun, he's somebody that when you're with him, you never get annoyed. My sister, Linda thinks he's handsome , she says that it'a difficult to find someone with blue eyes,blond hair and great dimples......I'm fed up with all this girls stuff.....
I have to go now because my mum is yelling at me.
see you soon, Jonathan

FONTI: madrelingua.....Ogni riferimento alle persone, cose,luoghi sono puramente casuali

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