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mi potete fare una e-mail in inglese entro oggi in cui si descrive un nuovo amico??
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(intestazione e tutto)
Hi Josh, how is everything at Berkley? i hope everything it's okay.Do you know that i have a new friend? his name is Steven. I met him at the park three weeks ago, he's really intresting, he's brilliant at the key-board and he can skateboard really well. He can dance too!He's got a great sense of humor, and he's very friendly....... We went to the cinema last saturday to see the new "transformers"and we had a great fun, he's the kind of person that when your'e with him, you never annoyed.My sister even think that he's handsome and athletic but she dosen't understand anything....
well, i have to leave you now because mum is yelling at me to walk the dog out..
see you soon, Jonathan

ogni riferimento alle persone,cose e città sn puraente casuali,sono tt nomi di fantasia.... :wc

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