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1)Analyse how tension is expressed in the first few lines. Who decides to frame the servants for the murder? Who makes arrangements to cover their guilt?What impression do you get of this character because of these actions and words?

2) What word does Macbeth use to refer to the murder at the beginning and at the end? (This word is usually used for a heroic act). Does he know that whtat he has done is terrible? Do you think that Macbeth feels guilt or remorse? Explain.

3)Dialogue is the most important feature of drama. State the function the dilogue has in this passage:
a-it reveals some aspects of the character's personality;
b-it establishes the relationship between the characters;
c-it explains events which have taken place off-stage;
d-it builds up the action.

4)Find all the references to pictures, paint and colours in lines 47 to 76. Which of the themes mentioned in the introduction do these images develop?

5) Imagery is a very important element in the play since it introduces the various themes. Analyse the most remarkable images in this passage.
1-Macbeth refers to Sleep by means of series of six metaphors. Write them down. What common idea do they share?
2-"Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep".Write down each phrase near the appropriate meaning of the word:
-it stands for the positive values embodied by Duncan: .....
-it foreshadows Macbeth's punishment: ........

Madness,instead,will be Lady Macbeth's punishment later in the play. Point out the lines that foreshadow her destiny.

These two images are interwoven. Besides introducing two of the main themes of the play, they also help point out the basic difference in the characters of the hero and the heroine.
1-What does each image symbolize?
Blood: ...
2-What are the different attitudes of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to their bloodstained hands?
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