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mi potete scrivere il riassunto del capitolo 3 di dorian gray in inglese gentilmente?? grazie mille e' urgenteeeeeeeeeeee
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Lord Henry Wotton went to visit his uncle, Lord Fermor. He was surprised to see him. Lord Henry wanted information about Dorian Gray: Lord Kelso's grandson, and his mother was Lady Margaret Devereux. The old man told Henry something about Dorian Gray's mother. She ran away from home to marry a poor soldier; the poor man was killed in a duel some months after the marriage. She died too, soon after her son was born. Her son was Dorian, and he will inherit all his grandfather's money. Lord Henry leave his uncle's home, to go to Aunt Agatha's house, for lunch, with Dorian. Henry thought about the story of the young beautiful man. After the lunch he goes to the park.

Questo è il terzo capitolo. Non si parla ancora di Sybil Vane.

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Direi che questo può andare bene:
Chapter Three

Shortly after his first meeting with Dorian Gray, Lord Henry visits his uncle, Lord Fermor, a “genial if somewhat rough-mannered” old nobleman. When Lord Henry asks his uncle about Dorian Gray’s past, the old man tells him that Dorian comes from an unhappy family with a dark, tangled history. He relates that Dorian’s mother, a noblewoman, eloped with a poor soldier; the woman’s father, a villainous old lord, arranged to have his daughter’s husband killed just before Dorian was born. The grieving widow died soon thereafter, leaving Dorian to be raised by a loveless tyrant. With this information, Lord Henry becomes increasingly fascinated with Dorian; he finds the story romantic and delights in the thought that he might influence the young man, making “that wonderful spirit his own.”

Shortly thereafter, Lord Henry goes to dine at the home of his aunt, Lady Agatha, where several of London’s elite upper class—Dorian included—have gathered. Lord Henry scandalizes the group by going on at length about the virtues of hedonism and selfishness and mocking his aunt’s philanthropic efforts. “I can sympathize with everything,” he remarks at one point, “except suffering.” He insists that one’s life should be spent appreciating beauty and seeking out pleasure rather than searching for ways to alleviate pain and tragedy. Many of the guests are appalled by his selfishness, but he is so clever and witty that they are charmed in spite of themselves. Dorian Gray is particularly fascinated, so much so that he leaves with Lord Henry and abandons his earlier plans to visit Basil.

Fonte: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/doriangray/section2.rhtml

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Henry goes to his uncle for information on Dorian and then have dinner with him by Lady Agatha, also her aunt. Thus, find themselves at dinner to talk to many people of diverse subjects. The gossiping women of the time is described perfectly. Dorian is even more struck by the words of Henry and so go out together.
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The Picture of Dorian Gray The Picture of Dorian Gray Henry and a painter speak of a young man, Dorian Gray, inspiring subject of his art. The three met.Basil ends his part, wonderful. Meanwhile, he speaks with Dorian Gray, and says that youth is the best thing, because it soon disappears. Seeing the picture in pain, because he (Dorian Gray) and the picture will age no. Basil Henry thinks he's ruined his best friend. Henry and Dorian Gray go to the theater. Henry goes to his uncle to ask about Dorian Gray, and he knows his history. Then he goes to lunch with his aunt Agatha. It is a "philosopher": his ideas still fascinates everyone. Dorian Gray at the end always wants to go with him. Henry and Dorian Gray speak: Dorian Gray is in love with Sybil, an actress, and then gets engaged to her. Henry Dorian Gray is careful to analyze why the other understands himself and the man, contrary to the spirit-matter. Sybil's family: his brother Jim sixteen leaving for Australia, she and her mother forced to pray for a debt of 50 pounds.The jealousy of Jim, who promises to kill Dorian Gray if he had hurt Sybil, while madly in love with him. Henry and Dorian Gray to tell Basil engagement. Henry speaks of the pleasure is exquisite but leave unsatisfied. They go to the theater. At the theater, says Sybil horribly. Henry and Basil going away before. Then Dorian Gray is from Sybil, who says he has not played well because he loved him. But he loved her for her art, and so after a fight went on. He walked. The next morning he came home and saw his picture differently, with a look cruel. Why? Came out and thought Sybil. He woke up after one and knew that by Enrico Sibilla after the interview with him was killed: it was better to be seen. Meanwhile, he speaks, most of this conclusion, her novel of love ended, he weeps for the characters played by Sybil, not for herself. The picture in the meantime had that look different cruelty. That was his mirror?Basilio arrives, he wants to comfort him. Dorian Gray explains how he is now. Then he wants to see the big picture and then expose it to Paris. Dorian Gray says no. Basil confesses his relationship with that picture and then goes away. Dorian Gray wants to hide the picture. From a framer moves the picture in a spare room at the highest point of the house. Then he took a book that Henry had brought him: he had seemed interesting. The book fascinated him. What did your life? He had studied many philosophies, but what interested him was the beauty, its against the framework more closely guarded, and the world: music, precious stones, tapestries, perfumes, all temporary but intense passions . He had been poisoned by the book, and the examples that were written in the history of evil.

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