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  • Domani o la verifica di inglese e ho gli esercizi me li fareste voi perchè sono imbranatissimo ??

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Es N.4 Riscrivi le frasi alla forma negativa del
Present perfect. Usa la forma contratta ove

1 We’ve studied American History at school.
2 Ben has taken the rubbish out.
3 You’ve received an email.
4 Mum has cut her hair.
5 I’ve lost my English book!

Es N.5 Metti le parole nell’ordine corretto per
scrivere delle domande al Present perfect.
Poi dai risposte brevi affermative (y) o
negative (x).

1 lion / seen / you / ever / a / have? (x)
2 have / been / your / ever / friends / camping? (y)
3 bought / a / he / this / has / new / car / year? (x)
4 ever / London / her / Diana / has / visited / in /
sister? (y)
5 parents / eaten / sushi / have / your / ever? (y)

Es N.7 Completa le frasi con il Present perfect o
il Past simple dei verbi tra parentesi. Le
espressioni di tempo ti saranno di aiuto.

1 Last week I ______ (spend) a lot of
money on CDs.
2 David ________ (not / buy) any milk.
3 In 2004 they _______ (do) a parachute
4 Three days ago we _______ (take) our
final exam.
5 Mum and Dad _______ (cycle) around
Cuba twice.

Es N.6 Completa le frasi con been o gone.

1 My parents have _____ on holiday. I
hope they buy me a present.
2 We’re meeting Fiona and Jack tonight.
They’ve _______ to Spain.
3 Aunt Laura and Mum are very tired. They’ve ______
to the gym.
4 Rob is not here, he’s to _______ the
dentist. He’ll be home at 7 p.m.
5 Have you ever ______ to Australia?

Ramona17 - Sapiens - 418 Punti
we haven't studied american history at school
ben hasn't taken the rubbish out
you haven't receveid an email
mum hasn't cut her hair
i haven't lost my english book

have you ever seen a lion? no, i have never seen a lion / no, i haven't.
have your friends ever been camping? yes, they have.
has he bought a new car this year? no, he hasn't.
has Diana ever visited her sister in London? yes, she has.
have your parents ever eaten sushi? yes. they have.

haven't bought
have cycled

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