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Domande relative al brano di oscar wilde : the importance of being earnest

1.why has lady bracknell "pencil and notebook in hand"?
2.what is the paradox in lady bracknell's remark to the fact jack smokes?

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1)Because she has a list of “eligible young men” and a prepared interview she gives to potential suitors. For example, when she's trying to decide whether to let her daughter marry Jack (the main character) she whips out a notebook and pencil and begins to interview him, asking him how old he is, what his politics are, whether he smokes, etc.


2)La risposta alla seconda domanda è qua:
The idea that Lady Bracknell would ask a young gentleman who wanted to marry her daughter if he smoked is perfectly reasonable. However, when Jack replies that he does smoke, it is absolutely incongruous with Victorian notions that she also accepts this answer as being an “occupation.” In fact, Lady Bracknell makes a trivial matter seem important, which is Wilde’s ability to satirize the fact that Victorian people and authors in their everyday lives, excluding didactic literature such as Browning’s, often dramatize the mundane. The idea that, in a Victorian society, a man could acceptably smoke as an “occupation” satirizes the serious gender role expected of men.


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