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Ciao..Potreste aiutarmi con delle domande di inglese sul genere della ballata?Grazie
1.How were the ballads transmitted?
2.Are there many variations of the same ballads?If so,why?
3.Is the repetition a common device in a ballad?If so,why?
4.Have the ballads stock sentences?I so,why?
5.Have the balads a distinct stress pattern?Why?
6.What do you think is the most important theme o r aspect?Say why
7.What doese spring to your mind when you herad "ballad"?

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ora ci provo.....
1) The ballads were part of an oral trdition and they were trasmitted from generation to generation.
2)Ballads can be classified according to the following themes:
- Ballads of magic, about fairies, ghosts, witchcraft and trasformation;
- Border ballads, about the rivalry between the English and the Scottish people;
- Ballads of love and domestic tragedy;
- Ballads of outlaws, with the cycle of Robin Hood.
3)In the Ballad each stanza contains the repetition of words or lines; The repetition of one or more lines is called "refrain" and helped the memorisation of the text.
4) The ballads contains stock phrase, becouse.....nn lo so...forse per lo stesso motivo della ripetizione.
spero ke ti saranno utili!
ciao :D
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