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Salve a tuttii :D
Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmii?
Mi serve un breve dialogo in inglese, per inserirlo in un test di verifica.
Qualche idea?
Grazie in anticipoo :)

Aggiunto 45 minuti più tardi:

Thank You a lot :)
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Al negozio:

John: Excuse me!!
Shopassistant: Can I help you?
John: I want a pair of jeans rather like these blue in the window.
S: Yes, Sir. Can you tell me your size?
J: Size 13.
S: Ok, well it's size 13.
J: I'd like to try them on, please.
S: Yes, The fitting room is here.
J: Ok thanks.
S: How are you getting on??
J: I like them and the fit is very good. How much is it?
S: 30 pounds. You can pay there, at the cash desk. Goodbye.
J: Thank you so much for the help. Goodbye.
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ma scusa cosa devi dire?
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Amy: hi kate!
kate: hi amy.... long time, no see
amy: yes, i know, you changed your phone number so i couldn't rech you.
kate: sorry, i thought you knew.
amy: it's okay, so how is everything?
kate: fine, thank you.. do you know that josh and i are going out together??
amy: no!!! we have a lot of things to tell each other!!do you have facebook? so maybe if you like we can chat...
kate: of course.
amy: i'm really glad that i saw you
kate: me too, bye
fonti: madrelingua

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Operator: Hello, Frank and Brothers, How can I help you?
Peter: This is Peter Jackson. Can I have extension 3421?
Operator: Certainly, hold on a minute, I'll put you through...
Frank: Bob Peterson's office, Frank speaking.
Peter: This is Peter Jackson calling, is Bob in?
Frank: I'm afraid he's out at the moment. Can I take a message?
Peter: Yes, Could you ask him to call me at . I need to talk to him about the Nuovo line, it's urgent.
Frank: Could you repeat the number please?
Peter: Yes, that's , and this is Peter Jackson.
Frank: Thank you Mr Jackson, I'll make sure Bob gets this asap.
Peter: Thanks, bye.
Frank: Bye.

At the Deli Counter

Mike: I'd like 200 grams of olives please.
Assistant: Anything else?
Mike: Yes, 10 slices of ham please.
Assistant: Anything else?
Mike: No that's all.

At the Checkout
Assistant: How are you today?
Mike: Well, thank you.
(Assistant scans the items)

Assistant: Do you have a loyalty card?
Mike: No.
Assistant: That's $15.

(Mike gives the assistant cash)

Assistant: Here is your change and your receipt.
Mike: Thank you.
Assistant: Thank you. Bye.

Spero vada bene ciauuuuu!
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Good morning. Can I help you?
Yes, please. I’d like a room for a couple of days.

What kind of room would you like? single room, or a double?
Well, how much is it, for the double?

It’s 45 pounds per night.
Perfect, i’ll take a double room, then.

Could you please give me an identity document?
Sure, here’s my passport.

Thank you. And please fill this form and sign it.
Alright. Excuse me, is there satellite tv in the room?

Yes, with all the main international channels
And what about breakfast, what time do you serve it?

It’s served from 7am to 10am. Would you like something special for breakfast?
No thanks, just coffee and cereals.

Coffee and cereals, ok. Here is your key, your room is number 67, and if you need anything please use the intercom in your room and dial 1 for the reception area. Have a good stay.
Thank you.

ecco anche la traduzione: Buongiorno. Posso aiutarla?
Si, per favore. Vorrei una stanza per un paio di giorni.

Che tipo di stanza? Singola o doppia?
Beh, quanto costa la doppia?

Sono 45 sterline a notte.
Perfetto, prenderò la doppia, allora.

Potrebbe per cortesia darmi un documento di identità?
Sicuro, ecco il mio passaporto.

Grazie. E per favore compili questo modulo e lo firmi.
Bene. Mi scusi, c’è la tv satellitare in camera?

Si, con tutti i principali canali internazionali.
E la colazione, a che ora la servite?

Dalle 7 alle 10. Avete qualche esigenza particolare per colazione?
No grazie, solo caffè e cereali.

Caffè e cereali, ok. Ecco la sua chiave, la stanza è la numero 67, e se ha bisogno di qualsiasi cosa può usare il telefono nella camera e digitare 1 per la reception. Buon soggiorno.

ciao :)
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