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pucca6 - Ominide - 43 Punti
Buonasera, vorrei sapere se questo dialogo potrebbe andare bene da quello che mi dice l'esercizio e se ho mancato qualcosa

A customer from Civitavecchia wants to make a reservation on a ferry to Palermo for four adults with a car.Act out a dialogue between a clerk at the ferry reservation office and the customer.Use the information below
Frequency:3 sailings a week
Crossing Time:12 hours
What is included in crossing time(one hour maneuvering operation)
Time of departure:Mon/Wed/Fri at 7 p.m
Price+the car:£357(economy tariff)
Possibility of online reservation
Boarding time for foot travellers and passengers with vehicles
Possibilty to book online:basic info
Copy of ferry reservation form(with personal details/ferry details/accommodation.
A(a clerk)B(customer)
A :Hello, can I help you?
B:Yes ,Please. I’d like to book a ferry crossing from Civitavecchia to Palermo
A:We offer a wide choice of crossing. First of all are you a foot passengers or are you travelling with a car?
B:We are four passengers with a car. How long does the crossing take?
A:It takes about 12 hours
B:Is it possible to choose any day of the week?
A:Yes,but only from Monday to Saturday
B:How much is the price with car?
A: £357(economy tariff)
B:Is it cheaper for me to book online or over telephone?
A:We charge a non-refundable fee for bookings made by telephone, which you can save by completing your booking online.You can contact us for your booking on this phone number.
B:How can I get the cheapest price ?
A:Our cheapest ferries are all available online ;the prices quoted online are our lowest fares for the route\date\time combination you have selected.
B:If I make a booking online, will I receive any tickets? A:No,when your booking has been completed , you will receive an on screen booking referencer number which will be confirmed by email . Print a copy of your e-mail booking confirmation and present it at the check-in point with photo ID and you will be given your travel documents . B:Can I have a copy of the ferry reservation form,please? A:Here you are.As you can see the form is divided into three main parts:personal details,ferry details and accommodation required on board.
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Va benissimo. Hai incluso tutto ciò che serviva
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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