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Ciao ragazzi,mi serve una mano. Devo scrivere un dialogo/chat tra due o più ragazzi utilizzando anche gli acronimi inglesi (ad esempio LOL,OMG ecc)
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Freddy: Hi!My name's Freddy. And you?
Mary: my name's Mary and I'm from Australia. And you?
Freddy: I'm from Canada. Where did you study?
Mary: I'm studying at Cambridge now because my father has found a work there; but now I stay here for a school trip.
Freddy: It's a good idea! IMHO (in my humble opinion) you are very beautiful!
Mary: ISTM (It seems to me) that you are very crazy!
Freddy: LOL (laughing out loud).
Mary: CUL (See you later).
Freddy: ok.

After two hours

Freddy: we are F2F (faccia a faccia) another time.
Mary: I promised you!
Freddy: IOW (in other words), are you going to Cambridge University?
Mary: yes. Why do you ask me that another time?
Freddy: AFAIK (as far as I know) It's a good school and I want came there! What do you think?
Mary: E.G. (exempli gratia) there is a holiday of 3 weeks every year in my school; then there is a school concert in may and in October there is "the day of the food" AKA (also known as) the thanksgiving day.
Freddy: it's a good school. I think that we'll seen soon. RUTHERE? (are you there?).
Mary: ok! Excuse me, but I think an another thing. BYE!
Freddy: bye!
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Ciao ho fatto un dialogo abbastanza semplice ma spero ti possa andare bene :)

Jakob: Hello Megan and Kelly, have you heard the news?
Megan: Which news?
Jakob: Richard bought an engangement ring for Susan!
Kelly: Really? OMG! How do you know?
Jakob: I actually helped him in his decision about which ring would suit Susan the best, in fact I am AKA (also known as) the best adviser.
Megan: oh, cool.
Jakob: BTW (by the way), have you already had lunch?
Kelly and Megan: No, we hadn't.
Jakob: Shall we then?
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