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  • Devo rispondere a delle domande di "the Prioress" qualcuno può aiutarmi??

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1)Chaucer describes Prioress in four ways, her manners (lines 1-24), her emotions (lines 25-33), her looks (lines 35-40), and her clothes and jewellery (34.40 to 45 lines ). Summarise each part in a sentence or two.
2)focus on the rhymes scheme and write it down. Chaucer uses a fixed pattern of two consecutive lines rhyming together, called 'couplet'.
3)focus on the Prioress's behavior. Does Chaucer insist on the outward or inward behaviour? provide examples from the text.
4)Chaucer uses a play of alternating effects, apparently praising the nun's, but that implying something quite different. for example, he says she is charitable, but implies that this extends only for small animals rather than the poor. What does he say which implies that her feelings are more secular than spiritual?
5)in the portrait of the pilgrims, the tone of the author changes according to the character he is dealing with. He uses:
a: humor to describe the good qualities or human weakness;
b: irony to make the reader aware of the faults and defects he doesn't approve of.
c: satire to attract the vices and corruption openly.
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