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ho bisogno di una descrizione paesaggio e foto , facile e corta ,per mio figlio 5 elementare, grazie
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In the picture we have the presentation of a beautiful landscape and in it we can see the trees some of them are green while others are orange coloured and this means that thieri levaes are probably fading or a tree that reproduces tropical fruits. There are no birds in the picture, we can see the hills which are used by farmers as their agricultural grounds where they can coltivate different kind of products which they later sell at the market. There is a river that goes round a house made of briks, we can see 5 windows and the frontal door and also the reflect of the house in the water. The other house is located a bit fast from the first and it has flowers that surrounds it. At the top of a hill we can also notice another house. The flowers in the picture are of differnt colours: some are red, yellow, violet, lemon tending to green etc.
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