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aiutatemi vi prego! devo fare una descrizione lunga almeno una pagina di una cameretta... (la cameretta ideale) mi andrebbe bene tutto! (sto uccisa in inglese)
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Scrivila in italiano e ti diamo una mano a tradurla.
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my bedroom's walls are ( qui scrivi il colore della stanza ). It is big\small, and there's a big bed in centre of it. there is a piece of forniture, my favourite, in the left when you come in. This piece of forniture is my cupboard. inside of it there are all my clothes.
well, in my room there are many and many things, but I love my computer, too. sometimes, there is a nother bed, because my best firend sleeps at my home.
there is a Yackuzi, too. i love stay inside of it, because i love swim and the water. when my friends come, I always took a little table, and I put it behin my bed. I took potatos, coke, fanta or some orange juice on it.
I have a table where I do my homeworks, play computer games, or simply I write something.
I love this room, because I have got the biggest radio of my house in it, and I play some CDs that my parents hate, so they don't come in it...
in my bedroom, I play the guitar, the keyboard and the drums, too.
I really love this place, becase is only the mine.

spero di esserti stata di aiuto. se ti serve altro, chiedi pure.

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scusa, x 1 errore ho scritto ANOTHER staccato... si scrive tutto attaccato

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And' approximately square, you/he/she can seem an useless thing to specify (instead no) because I sometimes observe her/it stretched out on my bed and really this makes me square the ideas..even if then the things don't square never after all. The chandelier (2a thing that I still see from stretched out on the bed..if I got up me from this discussion of stroke I would have the dizziness..) it is iron bombato and glass. I have a writing desk in wood that opens with a device a mysterious pò from a closet in wood of cherry. To the inside they find lodging the bottigliettes and the tools to paint, blue-ceruleo, amber, earth etc. My room is seed-square but often wheel since I change the images that dress again the 4 walls around every year, to the point that I prefer not to change paper from protected and to always destroy the same one (to

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My room from on the sea. It is not very great and this according to me is a merit because I feel me picked and when practical a pò of yoga I relax me completely. The 4 boundaries are blue you just stucco, when they started to paint I stopped them to her to half it operates after the soaked brushes of color had just outlined my small world. I felt me a gull to the center of the cosmos and I could not ask other to the life that a pair of strong wings to fly on the adversities. My room has seen to spend my life, from when I grabbed the backpack of the INVICTA and I threw me to school not to now enter again second. After a pò does her/it some teacher him full of anger and it seems yourself to explode in face (big ugly feeling). I have not wealthily lived never but this always has me

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O anche

My room I have the fortune to feel indeed her my.
I have built her custom.
And' great, it is rectangular and it is colored.
Without color, I would not have the soul.
They are warm and strong colors, I am yellow, orange, red.
They serve for giving me the position.
I have furniture of clear wood and dark wood, a tiny refrigerator, a great tv, a beautiful bookstore, two armchairs and a couch.
And naturally a beautiful Latvian.
I have an angolino for the restauration (of me obviously, makeup, creams, etc) I Have as soft pillows, so many atmosphere lamps, so many soft and given as a present patoccis, so many curtains from the colors soffusi. I have so many photos, I have suspended memoirs, a carpet and a mirror of the same irregular form, so many plaids of different colors that give me heat when I feel me alone.
And then I have so many technological conveniences

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