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vally32 - Genius - 2556 Punti
Ciao! Riuscireste a correggermi questo esercizio di inglese sul present simple/continuous?

At present some supermarkets are advertising Christmas food shopping with zero-interest instalments. The results are that a growing number of customers are taking advantage of what appear to be the answer to their financial problems.
Many families don't earn enough to buy everything they want. Payment by instalments seems the easy answer but people are forgetting that they need to find the money to pay the instalments and that's where the problems start.

Grazie mille :)
missaglialfio - Erectus - 55 Punti
Ciao vally32,

E' tutto corretto, tranne la terza risposta.
What appear => What appears
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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