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Ciao! Riuscite a correggermi questi esercizi su past simple, continuous e perfect e anche su would e have to? :)

1. What was your friend saying when you interrupted him?
2. Tom never had experience in advertising before he was offering a job in the advertising office.
3. How many jobs did you have when you had been a student? (Non mi suona l'ultimo verbo) Lots, but the one I most enjoyed was when I had worked in the theatre.
4. While I was working in my last job I found a new job in advertising which was always what I wanted.

I was seven and I couldn't help thinking about all the things I used to do as a child. My brother and I used to often run down the road chasing each other until one of us used to fall over and the other used to burst out laughing. I even ran into an old friend who said "Wouldn't you live around here?" " Yes, I replied, we would go to that school over there." "Of course, I remember you used to wear that funny jumper with the elephant on it and the teachers used to all joke about it."

Ultima domanda su quest'ultimo argomento: se ho capito bene quindi, used to si usa per situazioni e abitudini passate mentre would solo per abitudini passate... È giusto? Grazie mille in anticipo ;)
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