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Ciao a tutti! Qualcuno di cosi gentile da controllarmi questo testo e dirmi se è giusto?

Grazie mille per la grande pazienza! :) ;)
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Ciao Vally!!
Secondo me il tuo testo va benissimo, ti segnalo solo alcune cose che mi sono saltate all'occhio! :)
"Today I’m going to talk about the experience of a three-week business placement that, throughout this school year, my class and I attended from 29th February to 18th March in local companies and firms.
My talk will be divided into three parts: to start with/first, part one will contain an overview of the main characteristics of the company I was assigned to including a description of what type of services provides; part two will deal with my work schedule, the main characteristics of the department I was assigned to, what type of tasks and activities I was in charge of and how I found the employees and the work environment of my office; in conclusion, part three will concentrate on my final consideration, thoughts and opinions about this stage.
My business placement took place at Generali Italia S.p.A., the largest insurance company in Italy.

To begin with, as was previously stated, Generali Italia S.p.A. is the largest Italian insurance company, third in the world by revenue after AXA and Allianz.
its work process is based on providing insurance services whose main purpose is designed to protect the financial well-being of an individual, company or other entity in the case of unexpected loss.
In exchange for payments from the insured (called premiums), the insurer agrees to pay the policy holder a sum of money upon the occurrence of the guaranteed event.

An insurance company can specialize in one type of insurance, such as life insurance, health insurance, or car insurance, or offer multiple types of insurances such as Generali Italia S.p.A., usually helped by insurance agents.

To begin with, my working week started on Monday and ended on Friday. I worked in the morning from 8:45 A.M. until 1:00 P.M., and after a two-hour break, I began again at 3:00 P.M. until 6:00 P.M except Friday afternoon, which was free.

I was placed in the Agency in the administrative and commercial department and I was helped by an administrative collaborator or secretary who taught me the basics of the insurance market and the main tasks she does every day.

In fact, the administrative and commercial department concerns the entire management of clients, not only through direct relations with the public but also through the accounting and the managing of the insurance policies.(Dubbio, dite che questo parole tecniche suonano bene?)(vanno benissimo!! ;)

During this business placement I have undertaken different types of activities. Initially, I had to deal with the typical activities assigned to trainees, such as filing, photocopying, scanning, sending faxes, letters and registered mail.
Later, I learned how to manage the privacy of the users, check the positions of each insured, collate and record accounting policies and carry out simple activities of accounting about the commissions for each agent.
Thanks to the assistance of the administrative collaborator, I also learned to develop estimates and insurance policies of all types and manage documentation of accident, although I could not physically perform these functions.

The staff, although made up of just four people, was very kind and helped me whatever it was my doubt.
The administrative collaborator was very sweet and patient and tried to teach me as many things as possible, even though he was very busy with his work, due to the small number of administrative employees.
The work environment even if controlled and organized in every detail, at times gave way to a peaceful and playful atmosphere.

Getting to the final thoughts and considerations about this business placement, I have found positive and negative aspects about this project.
Talking about the negative aspects, even if it wasn't my case, during this stage I could easily understand how sometimes the companies underestimate the strength and good capacity that open and young minds can bring to the development of the company. Due to this, sometimes young people are put to deal with easy and boring tasks which are not going to be helpful or productive for the young person.
Another negative aspect probably was the initial impact with the working environment that was very strong and stressful. I think that at school we should concentrate/focus more on practical activities and on work simulations in order to be ready and prepared for this kind of business placements.
About the positive aspects, I think the stage was very productive; I grew up a lot and I learnt a lot of new things, not only about work but also about myself. I think my business placement is one of the most important and useful experiences ever did in these three school years, and that the knowledge gained will certainly be beneficial for my work and scholastic future"
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