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Carmeen13 - Sapiens - 348 Punti
Mi aiutate a rispondere a queste domande?

1) What is your favorite country?
2) What do you like most about that country?
3) How is the food like?
4) Is the food and weather there very different from Italy? It what way?

Io ho risposto in questo modo:
1) My favorite country is Japan.
2) My favorite country is Japan because I like their culture. I don't like manga but it is a beautiful country.
3) Japan I like especially for excellent cuisine. For example, I like sushi and sashimi .
4)I read online that Japanese food in Italy is very dear and very different.

Se mi aiutate a correggere e magari ad argomentare di più queste risposte mi fate un grandissimo favore. GRAZIE :)
Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9413 Punti
Le risposte vanno bene, ti segnalo solo due cose:
3) I like Japan especially for....
4) Japanese food in Italy is very common/appreciated (dear lo usi in riferimento alle persone) ;)
Carmeen13 - Sapiens - 348 Punti
Mi aiutate ad argomentare le risposte? Comunque ti ringrazio molto :-)
sara.82 - Ominide - 35 Punti
Ciao Carmenn13!!
Anch'io come Suzy90 ti segnalo gli stessi errori.
Potresti aggiungere:
2)My favorite country is Japan because I like their culture and their ancient traditions, his history fascinates me. I love the Zen philosophy but I don't like manga.
3)I like Japan especially for their excellent cusine. I like sushi and sashimi. It is known that Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, has now become popular throughout the world.
4)Japanese food is very appreciated in Italy but they have a different way to have a meal. For example they don't have the concept of the main course, second dish, side dish, fruit and dessert, usually all the foods are brought to the table at the same time that are consumed without order. The weather is different than in Italy in fact the climate of Japan is predominantly temperate, but varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north, his geographical features divide it into six principal climatic zones. Italy has two climate systems: the inland northern areas have the humid subtropical climate while in the other areas prevail the Mediterranean climate.
Spero di esserti stata utile!
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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