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Mi potreste correggere questo brano? Non sono molto sicura di averlo scritto bene ed è importante. Grazie in anticipo!
My friend's name is Chiara. She's 16 years old and she is in my class.
She has one brother, Marco,that is younger than her.

She is extrovert, sociable and is always happy :) Chiara hard-working and she is a charming's person.

She likes listening to music, especially rock music. She prefers the mountain to sea and one day she dreams to buy a house in mountain
moreover she loves the animals, above all the dogs.
To Both likes seeing film and often I and she go to the cinema together.

At last she is very good at school anche often she get marks higher than me anche for this I to vie with she.

She hasn't any negative things. She is fantastic and I hope that our friendship is lasting
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She has one brother,Marco, who is younger than her.
Chiara is hard-working and also very charming.
She prefers the mountains to the sea and one day she dreams of buying a house in the mountains.
moreover she loves animals, above all dogs.
We both like watching films, so we often go to the cinema together.
Finally, she is very good at school and she often gets higher marks than me so
sometimes I "fight"??? with her.
There is nothing negative about her. She is fantastic and I hope that our friendship lasts.
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