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Ciao ragazzi
vi prego sono disperata: domani ho il compito d'inglese su tutto il programma ed ho riassunto le particolarità fondamentali però non sò se i riassunti sono GRAMMATICALMENTE corretti... Potreste correggermeli??

John Keats
He is a Romantic poet. His poetry is much valued by Oscar Wilde. His ethical Romanticism is very different from other ROmantic poets: in fact it is based on beauty in general nad not on natural mysticism. He like a lot Grecian Architecture that he can see at British Museum: his immagination work let's he vecall moment of hellenie culture.the that best represented that is ode on a grecian urn (ode su un'urna greca). Keat's aesthetic so feels the influence of classical exoticism: he is the fader of cestheticism ,but he'isn't a really aesthete because he belive that beauty is the to express the best of everyone .instead wilde that is on great aesthete belive that beauty is free from all moral considerations .

negative capabiuty
keats belives that poets is able to accept that not everything have a solution, keppinga negative attitude .
in faet keats like other romantic poets doesn't belive that truth is in the science or in the philosophy,but in the art:it doesn't resolve problems,but it explore those.

thomas hardy
he is a poet which create a conneetion betwen victorian period ard twentich-century modernism and anticipate the pessimistic themes hardy doesn't belive in a good that he is worried about human exigence, but in schopenhaver's philosophy.
in faet,like schopenhaver,he considere nature like indifferent to people that fight uselessly it is the "will of live"("volontà di vivere";)or the instinct to survive,that let's us to continue life in spite of pain.

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