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salve, per favore c'è qualcuno che potrebbe aiutarmi a fare 10 frasi di inglese positive e negative ??
tiscali - Tutor - 23884 Punti
He has black hair.
My name is John.
I eat an apple.
She is a nice girl.
I like playing football.
I read this book.
I like her.
My favourite team is Barcelona.
I go to the gym.
I like the sea.

I'm not a playboy.
I have not any sister.
I don't understand.
I'm not a good musician.
She doesn't have a car.
They don't work here.
Bob doesn't drive the car.
She hasn't a book.
Don't call my name.
I don't drink coca.
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poi se vuoi proprio fare bella figura, aggiungi qualke avverbio, x esempio I like playing football in afternoon(al pomeriggio)
hakunamatata - Sapiens Sapiens - 1405 Punti

i have been at the cinema
i have never been at the cinema;
i like going shopping
i don't like going shopping;
i pray every day
i don't pray every day;
i am very friendly
i'm not very friendly;
i can dance well
i can't dance well;
i will phone you tomorrow
i won't phone you tomorrow;
i live in Italy
i don't live in Italy;
i am allergic to mushrooms
i'm not allergic to mushrooms;
i think it's a good idea
i don't think it's a good idea;
my best friend is called anna
my best friend isn't called anna;
i'm proud of you
i'm not proud of you;
ciao ciao :hi :hi :hi :hi :hi

anicica94 - Ominide - 45 Punti

I have got a good friend
I have got a big house
He has got a best friend
They are cool
It's expensive!
Wow! you have a cool pc game!
I won't go home without you
I love rock n'roll
I'm good at history
I want a new mobile phone
She went to the disco last Saturday night
My sister had a new friend coming from the U.S.A.
You have a small dog
I love your nice skirt.
I'm going to go to university after school.
I used to play the piano when i was eight.
I yesterday i didn't go out, because it was raining.


I don't go to the cinema
I haven't got a white house
I'm not hungry
You haven't got a new PC game
I don't like this color
I don't like that pen
I haven't a cool car
I don't like your car
I'm not at school
I don't agree with your opinions.
I haven't ever met Marck.
She isin't came with us last evening, because she was busy.
My brother isn't going to get a job in this moment.

guarda questa e' la costruzione :

frasi affermativa: sogg+verbo (-s terza persona)+compl ogg+resto frase es: i study english- he studies english
frasi negativa: sogg+don't o doesn't (terza persona)+verbo base+resto frase es: i don't study english- he doesn't study english
frasi interrogativa: do-does (terza persona)-sogg-verbo base-resto della frase es: do you study english?- does he study english?

spero di essere stata abbastanza comprensibile :)ciao

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