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Qualcuno può darmi una mano a svolgere un breve testo seguente le linee guida?
Grazi in anticipo.

La traccia:
Write a composition describing how you use technology in your daily life". Talk about: what you do;When you do it; if you think it's useful; how you could benefit from technology (minimo: 130 words)
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io ti di una mia piccola traccia, tu poi puoi modificarla a tuo piacimento:
"I have a smartphone and a computer, and I always use them in my daily life. I like playing computer games in the afternoon, and I check my email account every hour. Moreover, I use my smartphone to keep in touch with my friends, surfing on Facebook and organizing meetings with my friends. I think technology is very useful because helps connecting people and staying in touch with friends and relatives who can live in the other part of the world"
Spero che ti possa essere d'aiuto, ciao! :)
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Ciao! Ecco il mio, ho messo le prime cose che mi venivano in mente. L'ho fatta abbastanza semplice, spero vada bene! Sono 201 parole

Technology is a very important part of my life, I couldn't live without my smartphone or my laptop. I'm always on my phone: I use it at least 5 or 6 hours a day to chat with my friends, check my Facebook profile, keep in touch with friends and relatives who live far away from my city, call my best friend, and so on. Until a couple of months ago I used to prefer my laptop, but now that my parents finally gave me a new smartphone, I find the latter way more useful, quick, and handy. However, nowadays computers are still absolutely necessary for us students, since one can easily find any information on the internet (without cheating!) instead of searching for books, or asking your parents. I use my PC once every two days, for 2 or 3 hours, and usually I surf on the internet, go on Facebook and Twitter, play videogames online with players from all over the world, etc. Which one is better: phone, or computer? I honestly think both are useful. Technology not only gives the possibility to anyone to play, study, or chat: most of all, it helps connecting with people and dear ones.

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