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HELP!! Ho bisogno di un breve testo in inglese sullo sporttt
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Sport plays a very important role in the lives of young people: thanks to it, make new friends, vent their anger, "grow," try new sensations and emotions. From small sport is seen as a game in every respect, a way to socialize, to learn to listen, to observe the rules and to have respect for his teammates.
In adolescents the focus shifts on the physical aspect: the height and well muscled for boys and weight for girls.
In some young people it is as if the sporting gesture would offer the opportunity to express themselves in a language "different" that allows to communicate with the world and realized. Sport is thus synonymous with commitment, great desire to prove himself, overcome their limitations, realize their dreams and their goals.
Sport is considered among the youth one of the most important wheels for the development of life, plays an important role in the training, development and education, for many it is an opportunity with which to keep in training the body and mind, for others still a very important educational guide.

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Anche la traduzione?
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