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Buon giorno avrei bisogno di un breve testo sulla TUA opinione sulla città e sulla campagna. il testo in inglese :)
grazie in anticipo
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Io feci un testo in Inglese riguardante questo argomento, che, successivamente, inviai qui come appunto!

Te lo mostro:

City and country life are often compared. In my opinion, city life is, of course, much better than country life. In fact, it has many pros (or advantages): for example, there are many Job opportunities, you can meet many different kinds of people, there are lots of cultural events. Then, city offers many facilities: market, shops, sport facilities ecc... and also many attractions such as cinemas, theater, museums and art galleries. However, It has also many cons (or disadvantages): pollution, traffic problems, crowds, stressful lifestyle and high crime rates. By contrast, villages are quiet, peaceful, they offer beautiful landscapes and open spaces and they are less polluted than cities.
Anyway, country life can be boring, monotonous, there are not many Job opportunities and people have to travel long distances to have access to health, education and sport facilities. Other argue that life in the countryside is a lot healthier trough. Living in the country you're surrounded by open spaces, and not polluted clean air. Also those who live in the countryside grow more of their own food, providing them with a healthier diet.
Personally, I could never live in a village, because I like city life even if sometimes it is a bit chaotic. In my opinion a person should choose where to live to their own needs.
If a person likes to live in open places, then the countryside's the place to you! If you love to go shopping, use public transport or do other educational activities, then the city's much better!

Ecco qui l'appunto che ho inviato:

Spero di averti aiutato!!
Ciaooo :hi

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