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secondo voi quali sono gli atteggiamenti degli individui nei confronti dell'inglese?

in futuro secondo voi l'inglese potrà perdere il ruolo di lingua franca?

Perché la diffusione in tutto il mondo della lingua inglese può rappresentare una minaccia per altre lingue?

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attitudes towards english.
we need to point out, however, that english is not always welcome by everyone as its legacy is often due to a certain amount of linguistic imperialism, but also because it is today associated with the values of american economic and political imperialism.
the continuing use of english for important functions in former countries of british empire, and increasingly in others, is pragmatically accepted by some as necessary for technological and economic progress, but resisted by others as standing in the way of their own culture: it is not commonly ragarded as a neutral tool.
in fact, there are also those who reject the use of english for international purposes as they see its worldwide spread as a threat to other languages (as it happened in ireland, to quote just the first case).
such positions are motivated and deserve respect;
however, as there is a strong need for a universal lingua franca and as today english is already the medium of international communication, it can devised aimed at the preservation of local languages and cultures.
if it is true that language conveys culture, nonetheless, as language is a living thing, it is not static and fixed.
this is shown by the many versions of english emerged in various places around the world which add depth and vigour to the language while reflecting their own respective cultures.
thus english has become a culturally pluralistic world language, it has developed a unique funcional range and unique identities on every continent so that it can be seen as a linguistic continuum.

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