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  • aiutooo formazioni di frasi x domani urgente

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edera33 - Ominide - 10 Punti
dovrei fare 7 frasi con la forma -ing con dei verdi di (inizio,fine,continuazione,piacere,dispiacere e con alcune preposizioni tipo:befor after without) =(

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verbi scusate*

Aggiunto più tardi:

verbi scusate*
Sara1808 - Sapiens Sapiens - 1719 Punti
He denied stealing the money.
I have just finished reading this book.
I can’t stand queuing for hours.
I like reading detective stories.
I like to read detective stories before going to sleep.
It is starting to rain.
I remember meeting her at the party.
I regret telling him the truth.
If you want to improve your English, try reading English books.
Stop talking
I love skiing
I hate smoking because is dangerous for my body!
I like drinking coca cola with a good pizza
We dislike studying all the afternoon
She goes dancing at weekends.
I have a visitor coming this afternoon
I ma leaving tomorrow at 15.45
edera33 - Ominide - 10 Punti
grazie mille =)
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