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Salve a tutti, mi serve da svolgere questo breve questionario relativo al testo sotto:
1. Where is Avril Lavigne from?
2. When did she become famous?
3. How old was she at the time?
4. What kind of clothes did Avril refuse to wear?
5. In what way did she dress like a boy?
6. How has Avril's style changed?
7. Why isn't she a natural model?
8. Which part of her earlier style hasn't changed?

Ecco il testo: (mi scuso per qualche errore di distrazione mentre copiavo)
Grazie mille in anticipo :)

"Avril Lavigne is from a small town in Canada. She started writing songs when she was 14, and she became famous in 2002. She was 17 at the time. She has sold millions of records and had big hits songs like Complicated and Sk8er Boi. In 2006, she sang at the end of the Winter Olympics in Turin.
Lavigne was anti-fashion when she first became famous. She famously said that she wouldn't be like Britney Spears and wear revealing clothes. In fact, for abaout two years she dressed like a boy, and she wore the same outfit on stage. It was a wait shirt with a man's the and combats. When she wasn't performing, she wore t-shirts jeans and basketball shoes with lots of black. Eye make-up. Some people loved her image. They said she was a punk princess. Other told her to grow up. Recently, Avril has changed. She says her old look was part of being a girl. When you reach a certain age, you start wearing make-up and doing your hair and wearing heels. She sais she feels more like a lady today.
'I'm a woman now. I was a little Kid straight out of high school and into skate-boarding and all that. Now, I'm older. I'll keep wearig the rock look, but a little more feminine'.
Avril has started modelling for fashion magazines. She is not a natural model because she is only 1m 57cm tall, but she has attractive long blonde hair and a pretty face. In a recent film premiere some of her fans almost did not recognise her because she was wearing such a elegant black dress. However, one part of her style that survived is her black eye make-up."

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Ti rispondo alle prime quattro domande, le altre perché non provi a farle da sola e poi ti aiuto? :)

1. Avril Lavigne is from a small town in Canada.
2. She became famous in 2002.
3. At the time she was 17.
4. She refused to wear revealing clothes.
Carmeen13 - Sapiens - 348 Punti

Non sono molto brava con l'inglese.. Ma quinta domanda va bene così?
Ripeto non sono brava con l'inglese!
5. She dress like a boy, she wore T-shirts, jeans and basketball shoes with lots of black eye make-up.

Aggiunto 20 secondi più tardi:

Ma la quinta domanda*

eleo - Moderatore - 20794 Punti

Alla quinta io risponderei così:

5. when she dressed like a boy she wore a white T-shirt, jeans and basketball shoes with lots of black eye make-up.


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