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Ciao mi aiutereste a fare un riassunto in ingleseee

Vi pregoooo esso è così
The kind of food we eat dependes on which part of the world we live in , or which part of our country we live in . For example , in the south of China they eat rice , but in the north they eat noodles . In Scandinavia , they eat a lot of herrings , and the Portuguese love sardines . but in central Europe , away from the sea , people don't eat so much fish , they eat more meat and sausages . In Germany and Poland there are hundreds of different kinds of sausages

In North America , Australia , and Europe there are two or more courses to every meal and people eat with knives and forks , in China there is only one course , all the food is together on the table , and they eat with chopsticks , In part of India and the Middle East people use their fingers and bread to pick up the food .
Nowadays it is possible to transport food easily from one part of the world to the other . We can eat what we like , when we like , at any time of the year . Our bananas come from the Caribbean or Africa , our rice comes from India or the USA our strawberries come from Chile or Spain . Food is very big bussines . but people in poor countries are still hungry , and people in rich countries eat too much
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Che dire, semplicemente si parla di come il cibo varia da posto a posto. Io lo riassumerei così:

Food, in the world is based on the country where we live; every country has a particular food, a cooking style etc. If we live, for example, in Scandinavia, (we) will eat herrings, but it's not the same, for example, in Central Europe, where people prefer eating especially meat and sausages. But is possible to transport food from a country to another; in fact, we can eat something that comes from another country, for example U.S.A or Africa; but obviously, this situation is not the same in poor countries, where people are still hungry than, for example, American or European people.
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