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What the different things are usually included ina package holiday?
What is the difference between half-board and full-board accommodation?
When do you need to check in?
what kind of transport can take off and land?
what do you think ecotourism is?

Match each of these words with the correct definition.

1)the time spent travelling from one place to another
2)a long journey by sea or in space.
3)a journey by air
4)a journey for pleausure in which you visit several different towns, areas,etc
5)a(short)journey to visit a place or for a specific purpose
6)general activity of moving from one place to another

Complete the sentences with the words travel-trip-journey-voyage-flight-tour
1)Sarah's got an important business_____to Brussels at the weekend
2)My____to work is quite long and tiring.
3)We went on a fourteen day_____of all the most famous Egyptian sites.
4)Our____to Barcelona was delayed by technical problems with the plane.
5)I think it's very true that'____broadens the mind.
6)She made her transatlantic_____in a specially designed boat.
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Ex 2
1. journey
3. flight
4. tour
5. trip
Ex 3.
1 trip
2. journey
3. trip
5. travel
6. voyage
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