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Raga potreste farmi il riassunto in inglese e in terza persona di questo brano.Grz in anticipo,ecco:

Jake sighed.How had Kirstie finished her project so quickly ? He couldn't understand it.He turned up his music and went back to his project.
The next day at school Jack saw Kirstie at lunchtime.She was sitting by herself,looking worried.He went over joined her.
'What's up?' he asked.
'Well,I'm a bit worried about my project.'
'Are you ? Why ? You're lucky.You've finished yours!'
'Can you keep a secret?'
'I copied it from a website.I just changed a few words.'
'Did you? That's cheating.I don't think it's fair on the rest of us.'
'I know,but I couldn't do any homework last week because of basketball.I've just got into the team so I had to practise every evening.Anyway,lots of people copy from the Internet.'
'Yes,but you copied the whole project and this is part of our end-of-year exam.'
'I know.I'm beginning to feel guilty about it now.You won't tell Mr.Evans, will you ?'

pikkiapò - Erectus - 130 Punti

Jake needs to do a project for school , but having basketball not had the time for do it, so, copy it entirely from internet. Feels guilty and he confide to his friend Kate , who tells his that it is not fair to the oter students.
Jake deve fatre un progetto per la scuola ma, avendo basket non ha avuto il tempo di farlo, perciò, lo copia da internet. Si sente in colpa e lo confida alla sua maica Kate che gli dice che non è giusto nei confronti degli altri studenti.

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