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patinho97 - Erectus - 109 Punti

Raga potete farmi delle frasi con il present perfect continuos e con use to,grz in anticipo.

{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11669 Punti

Antonio, se leggi bene, l'utente ha chiesto delle frasi con il present perfect continuous e non con il present perfect.

Dunque, eccoti degli esempi, patinho:

Mark has been having that treatment for six months.
She has been going out with Lucas for only a week.
How long have you been waiting here?
They haven't been going to this school for long.

Antonio-P - Blogger - 1971 Punti
Mi scuso. Ho provveduto a rimuovere il post
{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11669 Punti

Allora, aggiungo io delle frasi anche con 'used to':

I used to walk to school, but now I get the bus.
When I was little, my mum used to play with me.
Did you used to be naughty?
She never used to act badly.

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