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Well,I've been hare in London for exactly three months.It's hard to believe,because so much has happaned.I was quite nervous before we left the States to come here,but it's been fine since my first day.I think I'm lucky - I've made friends with a girl at school called Polly.We do a lot of the same subjects and we've got on really well since we met.It feels as if I've know her for years! She's introduced me to other people,too, and that makes a big difference.
Last week a bunch of us decided to go to the West End - that's where all the really big London shops are.We didn't buy anything,but we did some window shopping.Then we got on a tourist bus.Here's a photo to give you an idea.
It's great here,but there's one thing I really miss.I haven't heard any baseball news for a long time.Can you do me a favour and tell me the scores?
Ok,I have to shop and do my Science homework.My books have been in my bag since Friday and I've done nothing for my test tomorrow.
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