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mi serve il riassunto in inglese di "FRANKESTEIN" - " VANITY FAIR"

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Robert Walton, the captain of a ship, recounts his adventures through a series of letters to his sister in England. Walton meets Victor Frankenstein in the seas near the North Pole. Frankenstein tells him his story, beginning from his early life: his chemical studies at the university and his destre to know the secret of life. He steals old body parts from a cemetery and create a new monstrous body. Finally he gives it life. However, the creature appears so horrible that he runs away, allowing the creature to escape. He doesn’t have any news from the monster, until his little brother is killed by him. His people doesn’t know anything and accuse and execute a family friend.
One day while Victor is alone in the mountains, the monster appears to him, tells his story, and begs his creator to make him another creature a female. Victor refuses, but finally he’s convinced by the monster's menaces. He leaves on a journey for England to organize his creation on an island. One night, the monster appears at his window and he becomes conscious of the fool project he’s going to realize, so destroys the new creation. The monster becomes a fury and promises that he will be with Victor on his wedding night. Shortly after his return, Victor marries his loved cousin Elizabeth. Victor is afraid: he thinks that he will be murdered on his wedding night, so he sends Elizabeth away to wait for him. But when he hears Elizabeth scream realizes that the monster has killed his wife and promises to dedicate the rest of his life to finding the monster and realizing his revenge.
At this point in the story, Frankenstein and Walton meet. Victor, already ill, worsens and dies. Walton returns to the room where Victor's body is and sees the monster, who describes to him his suffering. Now that his creator has died, he can also end his suffering. He leaves for the mountains to die.

Vanity fair

Amelia Sedley and Rebecca Sharp leave Miss Pinkerton’s academy and are ready to face the world. Amelia is a well to do businessman’s daughter, while Rebecca (Becky) is the daughter of a poor artist and a disreputable opera dancer. Before Becky can join her employers at Queen’s Crawley where she is going as a governess for two girls, she stays with Amelia in her grand home at Russel Square. Amelia has an elder brother, Joseph (Jos), employed in India, who returns home and Becky sees this as a great opportunity to seize and marry him. This would be her short cut to respectability, which she is out to achieve. But her hopes are shattered. She flatters and entices Jos, just enough so that he proposes to her. Jos he gets drunk out of nervousness and, to everyone’s embarrassment, creates a scene. Later, realizing the indiscretion with which he acted, Jos flees to Scotland. Becky is a little disappointed but she is all set to start afresh. Lt. George Osborne is the handsome Godson of Mr. John Sedley, who wants him to marry Amelia. Amelia and George have liked each other since childhood. George has a devoted friend called Lt. William Dobbin, who too is in love with Amelia, but sacrifices his wishes for his dear friend. Rebecca makes herself endearing in Sir Pitt Crawley’s home and wins over everybody. Even the old spinster sister of Sir Pitt, Miss Crawley, who has a fortune of seventy thousand pounds, is impressed with her. Sir Pitt’s elder son, Pitt Crawley, is a rather insipid man, but his younger son, Capt. Rawdon Crawley is handsome and extravagant, besides he is a favorite of his rich aunt and is to inherit all her fortune. Becky secretly marries Rawdon, thinking that the old aunt will first be hysterical but later forgive her dear nephew and her favorite companion. On the other side, Amelia’s father becomes bankrupt and their house and possessions are auctioned. Becky buys a picture of Jos and Dobbin purchases the old Piano on which Amelia used to play and sends it to her modest home at Fulham Street. All this while, George is busy gambling and flirting with the rich ladies in London. George’s father, Mr. Osborne, is a materialistic man who forbids him to marry Amelia for now she cannot bring along any money. Dobbin cannot bear to see Amelia suffering because she is separated from George and so he compels George to accept hereven in her poverty. George too is fond of Amelia and they marry without Mr. Osborne’s permission, who disowns his son for having married a ruined man’s daughter.

Ecco a te.. ciao:hi

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Grande Pulcina!!! ;)

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