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:hi:hiMi potreste aiutare cn questa traduzione x favore.Grazie milleeeeeeeee in anticipo

Moll Becomes A Thief
I lived two years in this dismal condition , wasting that that little I had , weeping continually over my dismal circumstances , and , as it were ,only bleeding to death , without the least hope or prospect of help God or man ; and I had cried so long ,and so often , that tears were ,as I might say , exhausted, and I began to be desperate ,for I grew poor apace. For a little I had put off my house and took lodgings ; and as I was reducing my living , so I sold off most of my goods , which put a little money in my pocket ,and I lived near a year upon that , spending very sparingly , and eking things out to the utmost ;but still when I looked before me , my very heart would sink within me at the inevitable approach of misery and want. Oh let none read this part without seriously reflecting on the circumstances of a desolate state , and how they would grapple with mere want of friends and want of bread; it will certainly make them think not of sparing what they have only , but of looking up to heaven for support , and of the wise man’s prayer , “Give me not poverty , lest I steal “.Let them remember that a time of distress is a time of dreadful temptation , and all the strength to resist is taken away ;poverty presses , the soul is made desperate by distress , and what can be done ?It was one evening , when being brought , as I may say , to the last gasp, I think I way truly say I was distracted and raving , when prompted by I know not what spirit ,and ,as it were , doing I did not know what or why ,I dressed me(for I had still pretty good clothes) and went out .I am very sure I had no manner of design in my head when I went out ;I neither knew nor considered where to go ,or on what business; but as the devil carried me out and laid his bait for me ,so he brought me , to be sure ,to the place ,for I knew not whither I was going or what I did.Wandering thus about , I knew not dove , I passed by an apothecary’s shop in Leadenhall Street , where I saw lie on a stool just before the counter a little bundle wrapped in a white cloth ; beyond it stood a maidservant with her back to it , looking up towards the top of the shop , where the apothecary’s apprentice , as I suppose , was standing upon the counter , with his back also to the door , and a candle in his hand , looking and reaching up to the upper shelf for something he wanted , so that both were engaged mighty earnestly ,and nobody else in the shop . This was the bait ; and the devil , who I said laid the snare , as readily prompted me as if he had spoke , for I remember , and shall never forget it , ‘ twas like a voice spoken to me over my shoulder , ‘ Take the bundle ; be quick ; do it this moment ‘ . It was no sooner said but I stepped into the shop , and with my back to the wench , as if I had stood up for a cart that was going by ,I put my hand behind me and took the bundle , and went off with it , the maid or the fellow not perceiving me , or any one else . It is impossible to express the horror of my soul all the while I did it . When I went away I had no heart to run , or scarce to mend my pace . I crossed the street indeed , and went down the first turning I came to , and I think it was a street that went through into Fenchurch Street . From hence I crossed and turned through so many ways and turnings , that I could never tell which way it was , nor where I went ; for I felt not the ground I stepped on , and the farther I was out of danger , the faster I went , till , tired and out of breath , I was forced to sit down an a little bench at a door , and then I began to recover , and found I was got into Thames Street , near Billingsgate . I rested me a little and went on ; my blood was all in a fire , my heart beat as if I was in a sudden fright . In short , I was under such a surprise that I still knew not whither I was going , or what to do . After I had tried myself thus with walking a long way about , and so eagerly , I began to consider and make home to my lodging , where I came abaut nine o’clock at night . What the bundle was made up for , or on what occasion laid where I found it , I knew not ,but when I came to open it I found there was a suit of childbedlinen in it , very good and almost new , the lace very fine ; there was a silver porringer of a pint , a small silver mug and six spoons , with some other linen , a good smock , and three silk handkerchiefs ,and in the mug , wrapped up in a paper , 18 s . 6d. in money .All the while I was opening these things I was under such dreadful impressions of fear , and in such terror of mind , though I was perfectly safe , that I cannot express the manner of it . I sat me down , and cried most vehemently . ‘Lord’ , said I , ‘what am I now ? a thief ! Why , I shall be taken next time , and be carried to Newgate and be tried for my life ! And with that I cried again a long time , and I am sure , as poor as I was , if I had durst for fear , I would certainly have carried the things back again ; but that went off after a while . Well , I went to bed for night , but slept little ; the horror of the fact was upon my mind , and I knew not what I said or did all night , and all the next day . Then I was impatient to hear some news of the loss ; and would fain know how it was , whether they were a poor body’s goods , or a rich . ‘Perhaps’ , said I , ‘it may be some poor widow like me , that had packed up these goods to go and sell them for a little bread for herself and a poor child , and are now starving and breaking their hearts for want of that little they would have fetched . And this thought tormented me worse than all the rest , for three or four days ‘ time . But my own distress silenced all these reflections , and the prospect of my own starving , which grew every day more frightful to me , hardened my heart by degrees . It was then particularly heavy upon my mind , that I had been reformed ,and had ,as I hoped , repented of all my past wickedness ; that I had lived a sober , grave , retired life for several years , but now I should be driven by the dreadful necessity of my circumstances to the gates of destruction , soul and body ; and two or three times I fell upon my knees , praying to God , as I could , for deliverance ; but I cannot but say ,my prayers had no hope in them . I knew not what to do ; it was all fear without , and dark within ; and I reflected on my past life as not sincerely repented of , that Heaven was now beginning to punish me on this side the grave , and would make me as miserable as I had been wicked . Had I gone on here I had perhaps been a true penitent ; but I had an evil counsellor within , and he was continually prompting me to relive myself by the worst means ; so one evening he tempted me again , by the same wicked impulse that had said ‘ Take that bundle ‘ , to go out again and seek for what might happen .

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Sicuramente non sarà perfetta:

Ho vissuto due anni in questa triste condizione, sprecando quel poco che avevo,continuando a piangere sulla mia triste situazione, e ,per così dire, solo sanguinamento a morte, senza la minima speranza o prospettiva di aiuto da parte di Dio o uomo; e avevo pianto così a lungo, e così spesso, che le lacrime, erano, come posso dire, esaurite, e iniziai a essere una disperata, per.....( non riesco a tradurlo)
Per un po 'di sollievo avevo dovuto lasciare la mia casa e prendere camere in affitto; e poichè stavo riducendo il mio tenore di vita, così ho ceduto la maggior parte dei miei beni che misi un po 'di denaro in tasca, e ho vissuto quasi un anno con quello, spendendo con molt aparsimonia, e facendo bastare le cose al massimo;e quando ancora pensavo prima a me, il mio cuore si sarebbe sentito mancare nell’affrontare inevitabilmente miseria e bisogno.
Oh non permettere a nessuno di leggere questa parte, senza riflettere seriamente sulle
circostanze di questo desolato stato, e come sarebbero alle prese con la semplice voglia di amici e la mancanza di pane, ma sicuramente farli pensare non a fare a meno solamente di ciò che hanno , ma di guardare il cielo per un sostegno, e della preghiera di un uomo saggio, ' Non Donarmi la povertà, se temi che io rubi.
Fate che si ricordino che un periodo di difficoltà è un periodo di terribile tentazione, e tutta la forza per resistere se n’è andata via; la povertà incalza l'anima è resa disperata dalla difficoltà, e cosa si può fare? E 'stato una sera, quando sono stata portata, come posso dire, dal cuore in gola, a pensare……ero preoccupata e delirante, quando incitata da non so quale spirito, e, come fosse, facendo senza sapere cosa e perché, mi sono vestita (poiché avevo ancora dei vestiti abbastanza buoni) e sono uscita.
Sono sicurissima non avevo nessuna sorta di disegno nella mia testa quando uscii; non sapevo né considerato dove andare, o a quali faccende, ma dato che il diavolo mi aveva portato fuori e preparato la sua esca, perciò mi portò ,per essere sicuro, al luogo, perché io non sapevo dove stavo andando o ciò che facevo.

per il momento ho tradotto solo questo. Si è fatto tardi e devo andare all'università. scusa non pensavo di metterci così tanto. se non è urgente e se riesco ci riprovo stassera.
altrimenti speriamo che qualcun altro di buon cuore continui.

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Errando così senza meta, passai dinanzi alla bottega d'uno speziale in Leadenhall Street, dove vidi deposto su uno sgabello, proprio dinanzi al banco, un fagottino ravvolto in tela bianca; dall'altra parte, volgendogli le spalle, stava una camerira la quale levava gli occhi al soffitto della bottega dove il garzone dello speziale, suppongo, dritto in piedi sul banco, anche lui volgendo le spalle alla porta, e con una candela in mano, guardava e tastava sull'ultimo scaffale, sicchè tutti e due erano impegnati, e in bottega non c'era altri. Fu quella l'esca; e il demonio che tese l'insidia m'incitò come avesse parlato, giacchè ricordo,e non lo dimenticherò mai, che fu come una voce alle mie spalle:”Prendi il fagotto; svelta; fallo subito”. Non era ancor finito, che misi il piede sulla soglia e volgendo la schiena alla ragazza, come se mi fossi scostata da un carretto che passava, allungai la mano dietro di me, presi il fagotto, e me ne andai stringendolo, e né la cameriera né il garzone né altri si accorsero di me.Ma le mie proprie angustie fecero tacere tutte queste riflessioni, e la prospettiva che morissi anch'io di fame (di giorno in giorno quest'idea mi si faceva più terribile) gradatamente m'indurì il cuore. Ciò che in modo speciale mi ossessionava era il fatto che già m'ero emendata e, secondo che speravo, pentita di tutte le mie passate iniquità; che avevo vissuto per vari anni un'esistenza posata, austera e solitaria, ma ora le tremende necessità del mio stato mi avrebbero sospinta corpo e anima alle porte della dannazione; e due o tre volte caddi in ginocchio, rivolgendo a Dio, come meglio seppi, la preghiera che mi liberasse; Ma non posso tacere che dietro le mie preghiere non c'era speranza. Non sapevo che fare; fuori solamente terrori; dentro, tenebre; e riconsideravo la mia vita trascorsa come non me ne fossi pentita, riflettevo che il Cielo cominciava ora a castigarmi e mi avrebbe reso altrettanto infelice quant'ero stata perversa.
l' ho copiato da qua

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Nn ce l'ho x dm nn vi preocupate, fate quando potete e grazie ankora.Nn so cm ringraziarvi mi state a fa un grandissimo favore.

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