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  • aiuto con dialogo in inglese.... aiuto... miglior risp a chi mi aiuta !

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1. Read the key to the quiz , then tell another pair about your partner .
Marco is going to... but he isn't going to go.... because... is he going to ...? he doesn't know. He's a planner / drifter .

2. Plan your next holiday. Invent the details . Make notes using the prompts.
. Where/go ? . what/see?
. who/with? . how much money/spend?
. where stay? . what/buy?
. what/do? . how long/stay ?

3. Work in pairs.
ask and answer questions about your holidays .
A. where are you going to go ?
B. i'm going to go to the Maldives.
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Non ho ben capito cosa ti serve nel primo e terzo esercizio, me lo spieghi?

Intanto, eccoti il secondo:
- Going to London; want to visit the London Eye, Madam Tussauds, Harrods, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.
- With family: brother and sisters, mum and dad; spend £100 per person, accomodation not included.
- Stay in B&B; buy souvenirs (postcards).
- Do sightseeing; stay 1 week.
papalia - Habilis - 216 Punti
devo fare dei dialoghi non troppo lunghi... e ci sono dei suggerimnti su come procedere

Aggiunto 21 ore 13 minuti più tardi:

mi puoi aiutare perfavore ?
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es 1.
Marco is going to go clubbing this week, but he isn't going to go tonight, because he's busy.
Is he going to on Thursday?
He doesn't know. He's a drifter.

es. 3
A. where are you going to go ?
B. I'm going to go to the Maldives.
A: When are you going?
B: In the summer holidays, when it's nice and warm!
A: And how long are you going to stay there?
B: Only a week, it costs too much to stay any longer.
A: What are you planning on doing?
B: I'm just going to relax, nothing else!
A: Great, well, have fun, and maybe book a ticket for me!

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