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luca91 - Genius - 3124 Punti
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mi potreste svolgere questi esercizi di inglese?
x favore
grazie mille
mitickla - Genius - 5127 Punti
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sn veramente facilissimi qst esercizi...studia since e for e vedi ke li fai in 5 min...
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Esercizio 5

1)How long have they been singing in the choir?
2)How long have you been cooking?
3)how long has the baby been sleeping?
4)how long have you been chatting?
5)How long has she been going to the gym?
6)How long have you been doing your degree?
7)How long has he been learning to drive?

num 6
1)I've been readng this book for a month.
2)I've been working as a photographer since I was 17.
3)Fred has been watching tv since he got home.
4)we have been waiting for the bus since one our ago
5)Rachel has been cooking since an hour ago
6) Joe has been fixing is bike since this morning

1) since
6 ) since
7) for

Poi i riassunti erano giusti su Wordsworth?
luca91 - Genius - 3124 Punti
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erano tutti giustissimi i riassunti ti volevo chiedere io ancora non ci sono arrivato ma un mio amico che non ha internet mi ha chiesto se gli potevo trovare il riassunto del brano che viene dopo "I wandered lonely as a cloud"
se ti metto il brano sul theared che ho postato me lo potresti fare xche lui dev'essere interrogato lunedi.
fammi sapere

Claire8906 - Sapiens - 476 Punti
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One of the main theme of W.'s poetry is the description of nature that is a mixture of everyday life and personal experiences.We can find some examples of these descrptions of nature in:"Sonnet composed upon Westminster Bridge" and "I wandered lonely as a cloud".
"Sonnet composed upon Westminster Bridge"refers to a morning where he and her sister went for a walk across Westminster Bridge,while "I wandered lonely as a cloud" decribes a time when he sa a field full of daffodils waving in the nature.
The nature influences the poet's mind and the ind of everybody.W. in his poems dscribes nature not only as he sees it outside,but also the feeligs that it povoked on him.
As he denatures,the city eliminating its industrial aspects,the description of the cities in his poems are not very different from the description of a field of flowers.
Wordsworth is nostalgic for natural landscapes that are disappearing.

Fammi sapere cm vi vanno le interrogazioni ok?
luca91 - Genius - 3124 Punti
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grazie infinite
mnemozina - Genius - 23940 Punti
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