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1)) answer the questione. Write complete sentences using the correct passive form. (Inventatele pure le risposte)
-where was your bag bought?
-where is your Schopenhauer located?
-Who is your English class taught by?
-Who was your last meal made by?
-where was your watch made?
-what are your shoes made of?
2)) complete de biography with the correct passive form of the verbs in the box - make,kill,influence,not send,sign up,display,teach.
Umberto Boccioni was born in Reggio Calabria. He moved to Rome in 1901 where he .... by Giacomo Balla. Boccioni's early paintings...by Divisionism and Symbolism. In 1912,some of his artworks...in a controversial,but important Futurist exibition in Paris. Boccioni also produced Futurist sculptures. They ...from a lot of different materials. The artist and many of his friends... to' fight in the First World WAr. Saldo,BOccioni fell off a borse and ... in 1916. He was only 33. Grazieeeeeee
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