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Ciao sapete darmi informazioni sulla qualità degli studi dell'università Niccolò Cusano? Vorrei iscrivermi ad un master di nutrizione clinica. Grazie

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Hello, Ive got the same question but more curious about some master programs in English. Colleagues of mine from and mentioned something about a program like Erasmus and similar ones but lately I haven't seen on their website any mentions of Italy. So, if you know some other programs please let me know. Thanks

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Greetings, i have almost the same question but one little worries me: is there any English courses for people who find a bit hard to understand Italian?
I have plan to attend University Niccolo Cusano but i`m afraid that there is no english what so ever. My hope would be my friends at, if anybody knows the answer - please tell me.
Thank you

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